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                 HAMMA ENTERPRISES

Hamma's guiding philosophy has always been to strive for excellence and professionalism in our daily lives.

We believe the future of great business is rooted in the past. In following our guiding principles designed to enhance customer focus, innovation, productivity and profitability; our clients benefit in the long run. One of our core values is treating our clients as one of our own.  We strive to maintain our relationships and expand growth for all parties.

To protect your company’s information and assets by securing your information and critical infrastructure from the inside out and outside in.  We identify physical and cyber vulnerabilities, but what makes us unique, is we find and secure physical vulnerabilities that are present well outside your physical infrastructure perimeter; thereby, mitigating the threat well before it could ever evolve.

Our philosophy was derived from three very diverse places and we apply these daily to our company/community; Yupik culture.

In the Yupik culture, it is the responsibility of the entire community to educate the children; thus, making their community stronger, more cohesive, flexible and sustainable.  We teach whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, do to others as you would have them do to you.

 Lastly, we apply the Military 11 Principles of Leadership; i.e. Know yourself and seek self-improvement; Set the example; Train your people as a team; Take responsibility for your actions…  

We believe these philosophies are what gives our company/community its identity.

Hamma specializes in Health and Occupational PPE equipment, Physical Cyber Security (Layer1), Electrical Supply

and Fiber Optic Telecommunications.

With a wide range of partners and supply chain integration Hamma can meet your company needs.


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Electrical Supply


Health and Occupational Work Safety Equipment 

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Physical Cyber Security


Fiber-optic install and repair.

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Nancy Malone


Mrs Malone has over 29 years of Health Care experience with a background in Telecommunications with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Radiology, and Computed Tomography. She has prior management experience in Health Care and Electrical Supply.

Mrs Malone grew up in a family with diverse construction, electrical, electrical supply and contracting exposure.  She has managed Realestate properties for

the past decade.


Hamma has extensive networking capabilities with its associate companies in Physical Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Safety PPE, and Electrical Supply.

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Hamma Enterprises is a family owned company that started its journey in the fall of 2018.  

Hamma is a Alaskan Native, American Indian, Woman Owned small business. 

Hamma is also a SWAM certified micro, small in the state of Virginia.

Our CEO, Nancy Malone started the  business inspired by her father Chester, a Marine and Tribal Elder in the Yupik tribe of Takotna, Alaska.  

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Michael Malone

Vice President Business Operations Hamma Enterprises

Mr Malone has over 20 years of experience in Health Care and Radiology. Mr Malone has a BS degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology and a Masters degree as a Physician Assistant . He has experience in Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Family Medicine, Urgent Care and Otolaryngology. 
He has Hospital based management and leadership experience working in Radiology and for the medical staffing company Team Health as a Manager, Director, and Regional Director in North Carolina and Virginia.

In  management he was responsible for Lean Six Sigma process improvement.

 Risk Management, and HIPPA provider education and application.


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Fortune 500 global leader


Transforming the Protected Distribution  Systems (PDS)


Efficiency Defined


Telecommunications- PDS Deployment

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Genesis Fiber Optic Splicing Inc. 

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