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                A key aspect in running a great business is clear and open communication.

The core component of this open communication is the security one feels with the clarity of the communication.                                                                

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When a business or governing body is sending information with a computer or smart device data is always vulnerable; the vast array of breaches we see in the news daily is evidence of our vulnerability.

While most business and individuals feel they are protected from software cyber security treats to some degree; many never give a second thought to the security of long-haul fiberoptic lines or cables carrying information that are vital to commerce and industry .

These cables often traverse public spaces and can be easily accessed for sabotage or tapping in espionage.

This leaves telecommunications networks, essential to nearly every industry in the world, vulnerable to data interception, tampering,and break down. 

Vanguard Focus

Vanguard focus is a network infrastructure cyber security solution utilizing state of the art Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology. DAS can provide long -rang pinpoint location monitoring to your communication cables up to 50km. The system continuously monitors the entire cable and pathway to immediately detect and report the most sophisticated intrusion attempts, or even the subtlest tampering.

Optical Disturbance Severity Graph

What is DAS

DAS is an extremely advanced type of fiber optic sensor that sends pulsed laser light into a single strand of single-mode optical fiber and monitors the Rayleigh backscatter from the reflected light. The Rayleigh backscatter pattern changes with both acoustic and vibrational energy. When a reflected pattern is received, it is processed and analyzed by advanced algorithms to determine the type of event.

Smart Filtering technology and Fiber Forensics 

The VANGUARD features smart filtering which eliminates false alarms by learning the normal day-to day activity present in the environment.

The VANGUARD FOCUS captures all characteristics of a real-time intrusion attempt and displays it to a network Security Specialist.


CS series

Data Center and web service providers spend heavily on "traditional cyber security measures, but rarely they focus on layer-1 network infrastructure. The Vanguard CS and Interceptor CS  both incorporate an integrated, customized management system called CyberSecure InfrastructureMonitoring System(IMS).CyberSecure IMS:


Simplifies Network Security Management

Creates site-specific SOP

generates a unique case resolution audit trail

The CyberSecure IMS"Rapid Analysis Dashboard" provides Physical Security Officers and Network Security Specialists

Easy to use visual tools to monitor an entire office, building,campus or global Network

 Real time optical warning system

Automatic notification via phonemail,SMS and /or audible/visual alarm

Supported Camera Assisted Inspections and ability to redirect IP security cameras

Capability to control door locks and security systems at the zone being attacked.

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